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(£0.32 ex VAT) Part no: MX799098
(£5.75 ex VAT) Part no: MX799095
Packing tape "FRAGILE"
printed polypropylene hand roll tape to clearly identify FRAGILE contents. 48mm width x 66m roll

(£1.56 ex VAT) Part no: MX799062
Carton Sealing Tape, Clear, 48mm x 66m, 25 microns
A clear tape with good tack and long term adhesion. Performs excellently in cold conditions.

(£1.98 ex VAT) Part no: MX799059
Buff 48 mm x 50 m Packing Tape
Good quality buff packing tape, sold individually.

(£1.20 ex VAT) Part no: MXY011P
Clear 48 mm x 66m Packing Tape
Good quality clear packing tape, sold individually.

£1.19 £1.44
(£0.99 ex VAT) Part no: MXY011PC
Black light, ultra violet mini tube, 135 x 16mm F4 T5 BLB, 4W
High quality replacement tube for bank note checkers, pest-repellent lamps, etc. Suitable for use with bank note checker...

(£1.18 ex VAT) Part no: MX106038
UV Bank note checker
electronic money checker with UV blacklight

(£10.13 ex VAT) Part no: MX457204
Pocket UV note checker & torch
A compact, pocket sized UV black light tube with a built-in torch. Ideal for checking bank notes, stamps and identification...

(£3.72 ex VAT) Part no: MX160120
Blue Keyring UV Bank Note Checker
The keyring UV bank note checker is an extremely portable and discreet security solution, ideal for checking bank notes...

(£1.58 ex VAT) Part no: MXL112KB Currently out of stock
Shipping Carton 395 x 270 x 320mm
corrugated box - Shipping Carton 395 x 270 x 320mm

(£1.66 ex VAT) Part no: MX799104
Cardboard box 525 x 380 x 395mm
Cardboard box 525 x 380 x 395mm

(£2.03 ex VAT) Part no: MX799107
UV Bank Note Checker housed in a rugged black plastic case
A mains powered ultra violet bank note checker housed in a rugged black plastic case. simply hold the note below the uv...

(£6.72 ex VAT) Part no: MXL112 Currently out of stock


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